In the last few years SGM ITALY has affirmed itself in the Italian markets in supplying different types of magnets namely: Sintered Neodymium magnets, sintered Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt magnets, hard ferrite magnets and sintered Samarium-Cobalt magnets. In particular, the sintered Neodymium magnets have high corrosion resistance, a low thermal coefficient, and high consistency.

NdFeb Magnets

Servo motor, Step motor, Brushless motor, Texture motor, Vibration motor, Wind power, Speaker, Watt-hour meter, NMR, Medical devices, etc.

Alnico Magnets

Instrumental, Meters, Automobile parts, Sensors, Education, Motors, etc

Ferrite Magnets

Permanent magnet motors, Permanent magnetic separators, Driving motors, Magnetic couplings, Holding-magnet systems, etc.


Space probe, National defense and military, Microwave appliances, Communication, Medical equipments, Sensor, Magnetic processor, etc